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Customer Satisfaction is our first priority at Showcase Art & Framing. We gladly show testimonials & photos from verified customer’s.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 7 customer reviews.

Posted On: 2/01/2023

We recently moved locations and now have some incredible windows to display property for sale in. Showcase was recommended to me by an associate and we purchased (20) 11x17 LED Window Display panels and a couple of 24x36 custom poster sized units. I've had products like this before, but the Showcase product is a stand out. Super easy to insert & change listing sheets and easy to install. I did most of it myself. Showcase was very patient with us and the customer service was off the charts good. Wow, great to find a company with such high standards. Excellent!

Paul Young - Verified Buyer
Posted On: 5/19/2022

Thank you John. Fast response, helpful service and timely delivery. the finished product looks great - thanks for all the help.

S. Hall - Verified Buyer
Posted On: 11/05/2021

Hi John, Thanks again for taking lead on this whole process. The display has been a HUGE success 🙂

Lorenzo Perez - Verified Buyer
Posted On: 8/12/2021

We ordered 15 units for a new office space. They arrived promptly and I opened the packages and started the installation process. I quickly saw that these products are made of very high-quality materials and the fit and finish was extremely nice. As I read through the installation instructions and looked at the supplied materials I realized that they have done the uncommon. They wrote their installation instructions so that anyone who isn’t necessarily a PhD or contractor could understand them. Following the instructions line by line, it was extremely easy to install this product. They sent along a pre-cut template for the holes to be drilled and they even supplied the drill bit. Literally they did everything but show up and install it for me. You can order this product without hesitation you will not be disappointed. You are welcome to call me to verify. (530) 682-3000.

John Renwick - Verified Buyer
Posted On: 11/09/2020

John is wonderful! He helped layout our design, is super responsive and so nice to work with. The window displays are superb! They've already brought more business into our office.

Natalie - Verified Buyer
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