FAQ’s Real Estate Window & Wall Displays

Here you will find real estate window and wall displays FAQ’s & information, including display sizes, installation guides, how to insert & remove media, & printing media types. Contact us and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. Call Toll Free 1-800-628-1395.

Real Estate Window & Wall Displays FAQ’s most often asked:

How do you insert literature in the real estate display panels?

Easily insert or remove literature in seconds. You simply pull back on the top of the display panels for quick access. The clear Acrylic are designed with memory closure & the LED panels secure with a magnetic catch.

real estate window and wall display easy access

What are the available display panel sizes & orientations?

We stock both 8½” x 11″ and 11″ x 17″ clear Acrylic & LED display panels and offer custom sizes up to 24″ x 36″. Sizes smaller then 8½” x 11″ are fabricated in clear Acrylic only. For custom sizes, allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication. LED Backlit panels are available with satin Silver or Black borders & clear Acrylic panels are laser polished. All panels are available in both portrait & landscape orientations.

What do the real estate window & wall display kits include?

Each real estate window or wall display system includes display system cables with cable system hardware mounts, clear Acrylic or LED Illuminated panels and all cable display system hardware components and tools for attaching the display panels to the cable system. Plus, easy to follow installation instructions, diagram & measuring template.

What are the available cable suspension options?

  • Window display kits come with ceiling to floor / window frame cable mount hardware.
  • Wall display kits are universal & come all cable mounting options.
  • All options are designed for vertical mounting only and cannot be mounted horizontally.

Window Display Installation Hardware
Window Display Installation Hardware
Wall Display Installation Hardware
Wall Display Installation Hardware

How are the window & wall displays installed?

Clear Acrylic Installation Guides: PDF Format

LED Backlit Installation Guides: PDF Format

How do you clean your interior windows after the displays are installed?

You simply unscrew all the bottom cable mounted end cap hardware off the Anchors. Next one person pulls back on the cables while the other person cleans the windows. When finished, line up the cables with the Anchors and screw them back in place.

Is a warranty included?

Five Year Warranty. It’s the best in the industry. Includes all parts & components. See full conditions and details in our Terms & Conditions, Warranty, Returns Policy.

What is your returns policy?

Free returns, if notice of intention to return product is made within 7 days of receipt, and product is returned within 14 days of receipt. See full conditions & details in our Terms & Conditions, Warranty, Returns Policy.

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